Spotlight on Designer: Pedram Karimi

Every so often you come across a designer that makes you stop in your tracks and stare, mouth agape, in sheer awe at the uniquness they have on display; Pedram Karimi is one of these designers.

Born in Iran, raised in Austria, studied in the U.K. and currently based out of Montreal, Pedram has certainly seen his share of the world. Self described as an artist first and foremost, Pedram brings an all together different perspective into the fashion world.

A core tenet of Pedram Karimi’s collections is something that truly adds a unique flair: gender neutral clothing. Flowing, robe like designs are a constant for his designs, with a muted color scheme that channels the bleakness of the world, while at the same time putting on display the beauty the world is also capable of. A true yin and yang, exemplified in every collection.


While most designers are inspired by nature or take inspiration from fellow designers, Pedram throws that to the wind and takes his inspiration from the very world we live in. The driving force in his designs are the physical, sentimental, sophisticated, gritty things all around us, which has a clear impact in his designs.

Pedram Karimi will have a showing presented by the I’mpossible Challenge for the New York Fashion Week on February 14, 2016. More of his work can be found at: