CAAFD helps aspiring designers expand their career development opportunities by choosing sponsors who are interested in the fashion industry.

I’MPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE is a fashion design contest that welcomes all fashion designers and stylists with the hopes to create a breakthrough in the business. The winners of I’M POSSIBLE CHALLENGE will receive exclusive education and networking opportunities.

The I’M POSSIBLE CHALLENGE – aims to find the most talented emerging designers and guide them into the world of fashion while supporting their career reaching the next level. Eleven top designers will be chosen by a panel of participating judges from all various aspect of the fashion industry including retailers, fashion designers, stylists, Models, and other fashion professionals, and those selected designers will have the opportunities to:

  • Participate in panel discussions while sharing and learning experiences from each other.
  • Receive monitoring from experienced fashion professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Senior access to retails stores for product feedback.

The final three designers who win the contest will receive:

  • One year public relations and branding contract.
  • One Year showroom and representation contract.
  • Contract with participating retailers.
  • Two seasons of fully paid fashion week production during NYFW $50,000 award.
    CAAFD celebrates bodies of all shapes, sizes, and types. We believe there should be more body diversity in fashion, and our health initiative advocates for a healthy body image and an increase in the visibility of plus-sized models in the fashion industry.
    CAAFD provides food and clothes wherever they are needed, in an effort to help vulnerable communities.

CAAFD helps members reach out to fashion professionals who are willing to share their experiences and enlighten beginners on their paths to success.

An annual gala event for charity fundraising.

CAAFD provides a variety of fashion guides and advice for people who look for ideal holiday gifts for their friends and families.

CAAFD believes that the definition of beauty should not be limited. Every woman is special for their own individual personalities, and their stories are what make them truly unique and beautiful.