We are here to help guide and support any aspiring designer looking to establish or conduct business in the United States of America. We empower, educate and help designers connect the dots and form the bigger picture.​

While both organizations may share a few common starting points, we at CAAFD are tasked with filling a void in the fashion industry, to help designers of all levels but with focus on the emerging designers who aspire to do business regardless of their country of origin. Our main objective is to nest, nurture and develop brands to reach their full potential through exposure to various opportunities and resources available. We are, however, not here to compete with CFDA but rather to complement the great work they have done in paving the way for some of the greatest designers out there since. We have an open door policy and are able to help guide individuals from a student designer to an established designer in as many ways possible.

Yes, but chances are should you already be invited and accepted by CFDA, you may not even need our help and support. CAAFD is however open to all members of the fashion community. Simply register on our site and start taking advantage of resources and programs as they become available. We are open to supporting all members of the fashion community in developing them into their aspired goals of fashion designers and professionals through our available resources, network and guidance.

CAAFD is open to all members of the fashion community. You simply register with us and start taking advantage of our programs and resources as they become available. We are established to help support all aspiring designers with our resources and programs that can help elevate their brands thus boosting economic growth in America.

Any fashion professional or aspiring designers can become a member. Our support to designers are however determined by few criteria including but is not limited to: Establishment of your brand, perception, your distribution outlets, and your social media influence.

We welcome aspiring fashion designers regardless of their nationalities. We help international designers by providing various resources to help them start their business in the U.S., and give them a key network that would otherwise not be available to them.

REGISTRATION to CAAFD means you have a support team: we will support our members by providing exclusive services and resources to help them establish their business in fashion in the United States of America. Members will also have opportunities to reach out to fashion professionals and the public, as well as being invited to member-only exclusive events.

CAAFD has an open door policy to help guide everyone with fashion industry aspirations. We have an invaluable system of support and information that you would find useful in your quest of establishing your fashion business here in America.

If you would like to be a sponsor or mentor of our members, CAAFD has an adopt a designer program and a fashion mentors program that would help you connect with our members. CAAFD also has the Fashion with Heart campaign and an annual gala for charitable purposes. Also, you are mostly welcomed to speak to us to discover more information.