Spotlight on Designer: Ashley Williams

On this edition of spotlight, we are putting the focus on London based designer Ashley Williams. With it being London Fashion Week, it only seems appropriate to highlight a designer calling London home. Ashley Williams is an emerging fashion designer

Ashley Williams

What makes Ashley’s designs stand out to us is the very different tone she works into every piece. All one has to do is visit her website (where the loading bar is a constantly burning down cigarette, or a jar labeled “boy tears”) and look at the clothing available in her shop. Her available pieces are emblazoned with phrases such as: “plastic surgery” and “last chance to escape planet Earth”, quite different from what most designers put on sale. It is almost possible to tell she is British without even knowing she was born there, from her tone and outlook put on display.


Her designs are delightfully inspired from the 80s and 90s, giving some of her work a throwback feel, but almost lampooning them at the same time. Her line has been described as being for “gutsy girls”, and flies in the face of overly feminine designs showcased by a great number of other designers. She brings a refreshing dash of youth and cynicism to the fashion industry, and it is greatly appreciated.


Her designs and webshop can be found at: