PREXSENCE: Beauty from Heaven

She is ethereal, celestial, at the same time sensual and aggressive; She is equal parts bold and edgy cult with contrastingly-designed facial make-up; She has her bright and dark sides, but always exudes the aurora of elegance. That is probably how I feel about PREXSENCE, a beautiful and foxy brand of ready-to-wear, accessories, and haute couture made in Italy.


It Is created by a pair of Italian designer, Michele Spagnolo and Elisabetta Atria, who graduated in Fashion and Design. They met each other in the university classrooms, where they began to work together to on internal university projects. After graduation, Michele continues his career as a designer, working for various fashion houses, among the most important Alberta Ferretti and Alessandro Dell’Acqua Man. He also won awards for his creation and talents, among which there was VOGUE TALENT. Elizabeth, meanwhile, has always been fascinated by the art world, creates and sells paintings of contemporary inspiration. Four years since graduation, they finally decided to do a gamble and here is the birth of PREXSENCE


The mission of the two Art Director is to celebrate the harmony in the forms and beauty.

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So they are constantly experimenting and have great care in finding cutting-edge fabrics, without excluding the precious classic fibers. They think that every woman has the right and duty to be feminine, confident, and contemporary. Their inspiration comes from the world that surrounds and as such are in flux, even if they maintain a unique style.

From the social media platforms, we can see they are still pretty a young but unconventional brand. 91 followers on Instagram and 22 followers on Twitter. This brand definitely need some marketing in U.S.