New York Hosts It’s Second Men’s Fashion Week

The second ever New York Men’s Fashion Week commenced on Monday, February 1st 2016 and ran through February 4th. Yes, you read that right, it is referred to as a week, but only stretches across four days. The event was described as a “multimedia experience” with emerging designers and prior known names both presenting.

As you can tell by the title, this is still a relatively new event for New York, which has long been the home for Women’s Fashion Week. The Council of Fashion Designers of America organized the showcase, and it’s President, Steven Kolb, had this to say about New York hosting the event for men: “You can just see that, day to day, on the street: We are more aware of how guys dress”.

Local designers, international designers, they all came to the greatest city in the world to see what the best minds in the fashion industry have in store.

Of course on the first day of the show there was a Men’s Day, something of a precursor to Men’s Fashion Week. Before Men’s Fashion Week there was an obvious demand for a Men’s specific showing to give exposure to emerging menswear designers. Since Men’s Day started in 2012, it grew year over year until the need arose for multiple days of showing. The Men’s Day showing this year was a multi-part showing, highlighting 12 emerging brands.

Many notable names presented at the show, including Coach, Michael Kors, and the Calvin Klein Collection. While the event may seem a little short at the moment, it is important to remember that it is still in its infancy, only two years deep. We look forward to seeing an even bigger Men’s Fashion Week next year!