New York Fashion Week 2016: The Fashion Tech of the Future

These days in our constantly evolving world of technology, it seems like advances in one field will always bleed over to the next, and that has begun happening with fashion. The clothing line Chromat has partnered with Intel to use their Curie Module in her works, which she uses to illuminate her designs in ways never before seen. What would perhaps normally be seen as a standard run of the mill dress suddenly becomes a glimpse of the future with the illumination.

Rather than being simply illuminated automatically or via a remote control by the designer in the back, the models themselves control the illuminance with sensors in their hands. A simple squeeze and a wireless signal will tell the dress to light up.

While this, in its current incarnation, isn’t quite ready to be used commercially, if simplified you could possibly see a light up dress everywhere you go. A big hurdle will be getting the dress machine washable and flexible, allowing it to be used in everyday activities.

The designer, Becca McCharen, was inspired by the bioluminescent undersea creatures. These creatures use lights found on their bodies to communicate with each other, a function that McCharen is trying to replicate.

The technology being used this way is still in its infancy, so it will be quite interesting to see where it progresses in the coming years. Who knows, this lighting feature may become standard in all clothes.