London Fashion Week Wraps Up Another Season

We are sad to see it go, but London Fashion Week officially ended today, but not to worry! There is still plenty of fashion left for Fashion Month.

London end 1

London, being the hip, always trendy place it is known for being, certainly maintained that for its Fashion Week. Alexander McQueen returned to London Fashion Week for the first time in fifteen years, and put on display a collection featuring sparkly jewelry, lace, gowns and cosmic references; a standout showing for sure. Mulberry also returned after being gone for two years, and showed a new collection while also marking the first showing for new creative director Johnny Coca.

London end 2

An interesting note is that like New York Fashion Week, there was an increase in the number of collections available for purchase after showings. It will be interesting to see if this continues for the other fashion weeks as well. Direct-to-consumer definitely seems to be growing into perhaps the next trend.