London Fashion Week Officially Begins!

Starting today, February 19th 2016, the brightest minds in the fashion industry have descended upon the crown jewel of England for the always anticipated London Fashion Week. Stretching until February 23rd, London has many surprises lying in wait for the fashion industry.

Hot on the heels of an exciting New York Fashion Show, London has been passed the baton and is off on the relay towards handing it off to Milan, the next in line.

London 1

There are many things in store for London Fashion Week that have fashionistas talking, chief among them the return of Alexander McQueen returning to the fabulous city. Alexander McQueen has spent 13 years in Paris, so all eyes are on the return.

An interesting piece of history is that this will be Burberry’s last traditional fashion show format, as starting in September they will begin to show both Men’s and Women’s collections together, and will make them in a buy-now, wear-now format. This is a shift that you will see many other companies slowly move towards as well, it is only a matter of time.

Mulberry is also attracting a lot of attention at the show, being as this is their first London Fashion Week show in three years, not to mention their first with Johnny Coca as their new Creative Director.

London 2

And that’s just a taste of what you can expect at this year’s London Fashion Show, expect a great deal more. You can also likely expect to see David Bowie well represented in various forms of tribute. Look back for more stories on London Fashion Week soon.