Les D’Arcs: A Scarf that Makes the Look

Les D’Arcs is a new fashion label from Berlin. It was founded by Anna Ingensand and Jess Kahlke, who started the label one and a half years ago by initially designing the first scarf for themselves. The feedback to their first scarf gave them the idea for the company. The reactions they recieved were so amazing that they dared to envision building a business around their passion.
Through the label, they create unique scarves & shawls that are more than just an accessory; they impart the feeling of a fashionable everyday armor. Les D’Arcs combines skilfully classic elegance with functional design in their classic look.

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Their scarf collection features unconventional closure systems such as a leather strap and brass loop as well as secret push buttons. Most products are made of two fabrics including their customized anti-peeling fleece lining, which creates a cozy feeling while protecting you against the weather. The materials mix on the outside ranges from Italian virgin wool, cashmere to heavy knit, leather and metal elements for an elegant roughness.
The two designers believe in unisex designs, not the antiquated separation between the sexes.
Since then Les D’Arcs has evolved into something they never imagined. During Fashion Week Berlin in January 2015, they were able to secure orders from 38 shops throughout Europe. The next step moving forward will be to design a spring/summer collection and step into new markets outside of Germany including the US, UK, Scandinavia and the rest of the EU.