LEBRAHC: Muted Elegance of Tasteful Women

If you have a paper in front of you, you want to put down the name of this brand “LEBRAHC” in a reversed order, and see what do you get? —-“Charbel”. What is this? It is the name of the designer! It is fun, isn’t it? Kind of get a hint of creativity of the designer from how he picked his brand’s name.


Entirely made in Belgium, LEBRAHC plays on simplicity and exactness to reveal the muted elegance of a tasteful woman. Graduated from interior architecture at Beirut’s Fine Arts University, Charbel follows strict geometrical principles and cuts. Therefore, what we can see from its collections are seamless architecture cut and simplicity with focal design and color contrasts. Collars and sleeves are sawn in such a way they can easily be removed, hence allowing for attitudes and looks to evolve during the day and over the seasons.

Chosen with care, materials range from wool blends, raw silks and structured cotton; together, they create a timeless style enhanced here and there with a twist of technical materials that freshens a look.

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The designer, Charbel, is a creative talent at heart who is always drawing, sketching, painting and photographing. After working 7 years in close collaboration with Haute Couture genius Elie Saab, Charbel launched Lebrahc early 2013 in Kortrijk: a 100% Belgian fashion line. During his Elie Saab years, Charbel rapidly grew into one of his trusted head designer: from researching themes for upcoming collections, to sketching prints, choosing materials, cuts and colours, not only did Charbel work in close touch with ateliers but he also shot backstage photo series.

Experience accumulates and pave Charbel’s road to a fashion designer after he acted as a studio photographer for film director Nadine Labaki and as Dita Van Teese’s personal photographer.

With 488 followers on Instagram, 449 likes on Facebook. We believe that LEBRAHC has a large potential market to explore in the U.S.