Lavendar Xu: Made in China, Inspired By the World


My eyes were first of all caught by Lavendar’s unique styling of design. Inspired by wood, her collection “木Mu” is distinguished by the architecture, geometric and 3-dimesional cut put on display. Presented in her fashion film, models and clothing are robotically exhibited, which are full of mystery and contemporary elements. Her collection was included in the top 100 young designers supported by the Council of Fashion Design of America. Vice President and Creative Director of Calvin Klein/Bergdorf Goodman Andy Basile highlighted this work on his fashion blog, “putting small but tough triangle pieces together into the great unit…because of the constant movement of light and garments, the smaller wood pieces commute from brightness to shadow.”



Lavendar was born Beijing, China, as the daughter of a clothing manufacturer. As many other international student, the original goal of Lavendar for studying abroad was just to open her eyes. With the strong foundation of sketching, she chose the path of fashion design after the two years’ general study in the United States, and eventually she ended up with the London College of Fashion with the University of the Arts. She was trained in design as well as PR, editing and photographing during the school. The experience placed her later into work with Diane Von Furstenberg Studio J.Crew, and the House of Tommy Hilfiger.

From the research, I infer that more of Lavender’s efforts are put in the market in China currently. But I also believe as a soul inspired by the world, she will expand her market overseas. Probably the first stop will be the United States.