Laison By Aurelia Santoso: Time for Indonesian Flowers to Blossom

LAISON was established in 2014 based on the belief that clothing should be effortless, elegant, empowering and versatile. Each of LAISON’s collections are a play on the intricate complexities of the modern woman; structured yet gentle, detailed yet effortless, subtle but distinct. The brand has built its own aesthetic through inspired use of elongated silhouettes, relaxed tailoring, quality fabrics and innovative designs. The ready to wear brand marry high standard techniques with elegance, and this is apparent in both LAISON’s designs and constructions. Donning an urban personality, the carefully crafted garments are created with philosophies and processes that run deeper than just following trends. Inspired by qualities beyond fashion; references on books, music, fine arts and the nonchalance of the sunny Californian coast can be found embedded within LAISON’s narratives.

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When you think of LAISON, you immediately think of Aurelia and Sharonne. Without the other, it just doesn’t make sense, and stepping into the office, we can feel the dependency and mutual respect between these two important figures. We hear it all the time: friends starting a business together because they know each other so well. And it’s a tale as old as time that businesses started by friends have high risks of breaking up. Like peas in a pod, they gave us identical answers on balancing between friendship and business.

Aurelias and Sharonne are also stern in cutting losses. “When it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. You can’t be too attached with what you make”. There are designs which looks good on paper but don’t quite cut it after production and rather than being attached to these artwork, she knows when to call it quits. At this, Aurelia admits that she has thrown away dozens of designs because, “it just didn’t work”

Their social media does not have a staggering hundred thousand followers, but celebrities on an international level are wearing their clothes, and influencers are asking for endorsements left and right. They don’t approach people, Sharonne stresses. It’s always stockists and influencers who come to them for collaborations.