Kit Woo: Androgynously Fancy

kit_woo_notjustalabel_1856604430Kit Woo grew up in a small town in Malaysia without much exposure in fashion. He however has tremendous interest in the world of art and design. Deciding to dive headfirst into fashion design, Kit took a 2-year Advanced Diploma course majoring in apparel design and merchandising in First Media Design School, Singapore.


During his education in Singapore, Woo interned with two companies at the same time, a menswear design trading company, Green Lite Trading, and as an assistant professor at First Media Design School.

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After completing his diploma, Woo catapulted himself to the United States of America, and attended Pratt Institute, majoring in Fashion Design. During the course of his education, he has interned for Melitta Baumeister, Public School, and volunteered as back stage dresser at New York fashion Week.

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Woo’s aesthetic speaks to both men and women, and has a strong sense of the androgynous characteristic. He believes that rules are meant to be broken, but to break the tradition of dressmaking, one must first learn it.

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His aesthetic challenges the whole notion of the “right fit” and rejects the “sexiness” that everyone is striving for. Dressing away from the body projects modesty and coolness with a hint of mystery. When it comes to trends, he considers himself as a late bloomer. To exercise his creativity, he always asks, ‘Why do I not like certain things and how can I make it likable?’ He said he can never consider himself as a designer because he will always be learning and growing.

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