Is the Fashion Industry Changing?

It is something we are all used to: nothing stays the same, it always has to change. We may be apprehensive about it, but ultimately, we have to go with the flow, and we may just have to go with the flow of the fashion industry as it changes.

Fashion Industry

Over the last few seasons, and especially this season, we are seeing designers go towards selling directly towards consumers at their shows. Be it having a stock available for purchase at the store, or an online shop, designers are making their collections available to the public in a much easier fashion. The times are changing.

DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) even eschewed a traditional catwalk presentation of it’s collection in favor of something more like a party. Lovable chaos was the theme of those in attendance, but not everyone. There are those on the press side that just want to see the collection, do some interviews and move on to the next, but are these the kind of people that should be catered to?

The fashion industry needs to grow, and to grow does that mean shaking up the very foundation that everyone has grown used to? Many outside of the industry find the runway presentations to be old and boring, is it worth it to change to potentially bring in new eyes at the expense of the stubborn die-hards?