Here’s to a Successful Valentine’s Day Show!

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CAAFD, in cooperation with iFashion Network for the I’mpossible Challenge, staged another successful joint fashion show this past Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2016.

It was a packed house with standing room only space as soon as the doors opened, with many familiar faces from the fashion industry in attendance. CAAFD is very proud of how the event came together, and couldn’t be happier in having it’s name associated with the extreme quality put on display.

CAAFD would like to extend a great amount of thanks to our two presenting designers, Pedram Karimi with his always unique pieces, and Rosenthal Tee with her very feminine designs. CAAFD would also like to thank the models who made those pieces work, as well as ArtBeam for providing the Event Space.

Check back often for the next CAAFD backed show, you definitely don’t want to miss what we have planned next!