Black Blessed: Embrace the Mystery

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Floriana Serani, founder of Italian fashion label BlackBlessed, has some unique inspirations; chief among them are 20th century Italian Fashion Designer Elsa Schiaparelli, black minimalism, and a huge interest in American Horror Stories. Floriana’s work is synonymous with clean cut, monochromatic aesthetics, and it is through her inspirations and style that she gave birth to her brand, channeling dark imagery mixed with minimalist designs, revisiting Italian tailoring classics in a modern avantgarde way.

Educated by her Mother, a typical Italian women who always dressed in a very elegantly, Floriana was made to pay close attention to the quality of fabric when sewing details. This inherited concept is eventually reflected in Floriana’s pickiness about fabric and tailoring.  During this age where religious iconography has been a bit overused, the designer tries to avoid certain kinds of images or symbols, but as her city and culture have so many interesting references, she totally keep the “inspiration” focusing on different points.

Black Blessed

She believes that people who choose to wear mostly or totally black outfits choose to embrace a certain aesthetic that makes them feel like part of a cult. BlackBlessed is dedicated to these people who feel blessed by black colour and believe in this aesthetic as a life philosophy. Talking about the marketing and distribution of BlackBlessed, I should say what it has accomplished is very impressive for an emerging brand that was only just established in 2013. They have a sophisticated e-commerce platform on their official website and other online shopping stores such as They also have a corner at Topshop Oxford Circus. This is all thanks to Floriana, due in part to her intellectual and economic skills. Her past as a buyer helps her in knowing the market and understanding what will be affected the most. Also thanks to the young creatives in her company, BlackBlessed’s social media platforms are also well-built and maintained. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and Pinterest are all covered. The Instagram account is now at 13.9k followers and Facebook with 17751 likes. These are very impressive marketing results.

With their intelligence of design and talents in marketing, we will have much more to expect from BlackBlessed, a total-look-made in Italy brand, channeling a dark imagery with a minimal design, revisiting italian tailoring classics in a contemporary key.