Andreea Castrase: A Master Romania Designer

She has previously won the final prize for UAD Gala 2013. The starting point for Andreea Castrase’s collection was the relativity of personal identity outlined in the novel One, none and a hundred thousand by Luigi Pirandello, called into a symbolic journey that has the ability to influence and shape the identity of the character. Thus, she tried to suggest an experience of the journey that becomes a process narrative of his own identity. Portrait of character filled suitcases – memory boxes that become styling elements and their content is visible by inserting a glass lateral sides. These memory boxes outline the proposed character portrait, and their transparency allows the viewer to interpret and decipher the “trail” of this symbolic journey.

The fabric Andreea chose in a large proportion is natural fabrics such as linen texture and different cotton fabrics. She believes that they give a certain consistency collection that can not be achieved equally by using synthetic materials. She also prefers decorative lace which is the clear references to great moments of ritual and ceremonial dress. And these surfaces used were made by cutting with the laser in fabric, then be inserted into the sleeve seam, and surface products.


The next step for Andreea is to pursue MBA courses in the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, Department of Fashion Design. She thinks that working in a field that is unpredictable, will allow her to identify and take advantage of as many opportunities professionally, but also to work and experiment as much to develop her creative plan.