Alessandro Trincone: Androgynous Identity Comes to Fashion

alessandro_trincone_notjustalabel_1218372242Alessandro Trincone graduated on December 2012 in Rome, Italy, at the “Universita’ La Sapienza di Roma” in Science of Fashion and costume before he went to”POLIMODA International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing” in Fashion Design. With honors, his graduation design Kings and Queers, was selected to be the best of POLIMODA’s graduation works at that year. Inspired by the figure of Pulcinella, the icon of his home city, Naples, he says “Both of us had problems integrating into society. We have never been fully understood and people made fun of us and the way we dressed.” In these creations, Alessandro wants to give a message to the world, to make his presence felt, to let his whole person emerge.” This all translates as a menswear collection, Kings and Queers, which perfectly reflects the designer’s essence, transforming bad memories from his past into a series of harmonious items that are rich with floral decorations. The flower is in fact inspired by a vintage garment belonging to his mother, and is now seen in the de-constructed silhouettes of his creations, which still preserve their masculine feel thanks to the use of sartorial fabrics.

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On February 2016 in Osaka, Japan, Alessandro took a scholarship at “Osaka Bunka Fashion College” in Fashion Design. After that, his design was impacted in a great extent by Japanese culture. This is shown in another of his collections: “Annodami”, which talks about his own experience with oppression and self fulfillment. Being raised in a socially rough environment, Alessandro has always found it a challenging issue to express himself.  He has gradually understood the importance of loving oneself as it is the only real protection from “evilness”. Alessandro believes people are only able to stand against fear with a crystal clear reflection of their inner selves .

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From his collection, you can find Japanese elements such as the Ban Gasa, sushi and the Japanese flag. Through the study of the Kosode trousers and traditional kimonos, Alessandro built a bridge between his Napolitan sartorial heritage and the Nippon culture, a culture clash expressed through overly draped garments, very tight waists, knots and bows.

Alessandro has a deep belief of no-gender boundaries between men and women, which is reinforced by the androgynous identity of his inspirational garments. The feminine side of every male is explicitly shown through the whole collection, hoping to introduce a new meaning of masculinity, far from the traditional imagery society has carried through time.

The only public social media of Alessandro Trincone is Instagram which has 1354 followers. The content includes his works as well as his daily life.

The brand is apparently infused many personalities and spirits of the designers. Some of the outfits are not wearable in the graduation collection while most of the outfit are wearable in the second collection. That means our designer is balancing himself between avant garde and ready-to-wear